Bill Author: 1999 Law In Conflict With Bush Position

The White House continues to maintain that the law then-Gov. George Bush signed in 1999 is “consistent with his views.” We rebutted that contention on Think Progress yesterday. One of the people who wrote the law has weighed in, and he agrees with us:

The new law appears to conflict with a Texas law Bush signed as governor, according to lawyers familiar with the legislation. The 1999 Advance Directives Act in Texas allows a patient’s surrogate to make end-of-life decisions and spells out how to proceed if a health provider disagrees with a decision to maintain or halt life-sustaining treatment. Thomas Mayo, an associate law professor at Southern Methodist University who helped draft the Texas law, told the Associated Press that if the Schiavo case had happened in Texas, the husband would have been her surrogate decision maker. Because both he and her doctors were in agreement, life support would have been discontinued, he said.