Bioethicists: 1999 Law In Conflict With Bush Position

The White House continues to maintain that the law then-Gov. George Bush signed in 1999 is “consistent with his views” on Terri Schiavo. We rebutted that contention on Think Progress yesterday. This morning we noted that an author of the law agrees with us. Bioethicists familiar with the case agree with us too:

Bioethicists familiar with the Texas law said yesterday that if the Schiavo case had occurred in Texas, her husband would be the legal decision-maker and, because he and her doctors agreed that she had no hope of recovery, her feeding tube would be disconnected.

“The mother down in Texas must be reading the Schiavo case and scratching her head,” said Dr. Howard Brody, the director of Michigan State University’s Center for Ethics and Humanities in the Life Sciences. “This does appear to be a contradiction.