DeLay’s Divorce from Morality

The Washington Post confronted Tom DeLay with this passage from Monday’s Progress Report: “At every opportunity, [House Majority Leader] Tom DeLay has sanctimoniously proclaimed his concern for the well-being of Terri Schiavo, saying he is only trying to ensure she has the chance ‘we all deserve.’ Just last week, DeLay marshaled a budget resolution through the House of Representatives that would cut funding for Medicaid by at least $15 billion, threatening the quality of care for people like Terri Schiavo.” In today’s Post, DeLay’s spokesman, Dan Allen, responded. Allen said, “The fact that they’re tying a life issue to the budget process shows just how disconnected [they] are to reality.”

Allen’s statement succinctly reveals exactly what is wrong with right-wing leaders like Tom DeLay. DeLay and his allies have divorced their conceptions of morality from their core responsibilities as legislators, like the budget. As a result they are advancing amoral policies which have devastating effects on children, the sick and the indigent.