Take the Bamboozlepalooza Quiz!

The purpose of the Bamboozlepalooza tour is to drill in certain aspects about private accounts, so President Bush has been hammering the same points. But now the students are becoming the teacher. Things have gotten so bad that the president is now congratulating people on their performances. One woman was interrupted halfway through her comment with, “You’re on a roll. You’re doing great.” And at the end he congratulated her with, “There you go. Thanks, great job. Thanks for coming.”

Can you guess which statements were made by the president and which ones actually came from audience members?

1. “Now, you can’t take your money under this idea and put it into the lottery. That’s not safe, with all due respect…. You can only put it in safe and secure stocks and bonds.”
2. “We have choices. You can’t just go out and dump all your money in the hottest tech stock. You’ve got a certain number of limited choices that it’s not going to disappear tomorrow….”

3. “And the other thing that I really like is that at the end of the day, there would be something … to leave to [our children].”
4. “I think it makes sense for somebody to build up an asset base and say to a child, I’ve worked all my life, I’ve set aside money, and I want you to be able to better afford your life, and so this is for you when I pass away.”

5. “We don’t need a Band-Aid solution for Social Security. We need to solve this issue now and forever.”
6. “I’m not looking for a Band-Aid effect to this. I’d like to see a permanent fix for the Social Security Administration.”

7. “I like the idea of people opening up their quarterly statement and saying, well, here’s how — here’s my — here’s what my worth is. Watching something grow.”
8. “No, that’s — you know what, you look at it all the time, you get a quarterly statement once every quarter, every three months, and you see your money grow, this money that you’re putting in every week continues to grow. And I believe that we should have a part of that in our system today that we have, and we don’t have that.”

9. “It’s a sense of ownership. And I think the idea of personal retirement accounts….”
10. “And I think it makes sense to encourage ownership when it comes to retirement systems.”

11. “Now, what does that mean? It means you either have to run up taxes, cut benefits, cut programs, or borrow money. That’s what it means. In big ways.”
12. “So in the future, if we don’t do anything we’re either going to have to cut benefits … or we’re going to have to take the money from another part of the sector.”

13. “Personal accounts would give every younger worker … the chance to save a nest egg for their later years and pass something on to their children.”
14. “I feel like this private account would be great for our grandchildren, because when they get up to the age of retirement, they’ll have a nest egg….”

Answers after the flip!

President Bush: 1, 4, 5, 7, 10, 11, 13
Audience: 2, 3, 6, 8, 9, 12, 14