Bamboozlepalooza: Day 23

The president’s public relations road show to drum up support for his Social Security plan isn’t going well. USA Today released some new numbers today and it’s more bad news for Bush.

The question:

As you may know, one idea to address concerns with the Social Security system would allow people who retire in future decades to invest some of their Social Security taxes in the stock market and bonds, but would reduce the guaranteed benefits they get when they retire. Do you think this is a good idea or a bad idea?

The result:

Just 33 percent think it’s a good idea. 59 percent think it’s a bad idea. Last month, 36 percent thought the president’s plan was a good idea. It’s a good thing the tour is only 60 days because at this rate, in 12 months, zero percent of Americans will think the President’s Social Security privitization plan is a good idea.