TVC: 80% Of Public Just Like Hitler

Think Congress should have stayed out of the Terri Schiavo case? According to the Traditional Values Coalition (TVC), you’re just like Hitler. Here’s an excerpt from one of TVC’s recent press releases, entitled, “Hitler Targeted The Handicapped First”:

The roots of Hitler’s euthanasia program began in 1920 with the publishing of an essay by Dr. Alfred Hoche and law professor Karl Binding. The essay, “Releasing Persons from Lives Devoid of Value,” recommended a new medical ethic to deal with mental patients and those whose lives were considered worthless.

According to Hoche and Binding, useless individuals were to be killed to save money and to release them from the perceived miseries of living a life devoid of value.

Hoche introduced the concept of “mental death” to describe the retarded or those who suffered from other forms of brain damage (much like Terri Schiavo’s condition). He described these people as “‘human ballast” and said that killing them would be useful and allowable act under the law.

The release goes on to detail how “doomed patients,” including “handicapped infants and small children,” were exterminated in concentration camps and gas chambers.

The 80 percent of Americans who think the Court’s decision on Schiavo should be allowed to stand: TVC is talking to you.