Right Wing Whines About the LA Times

There is a lot of carping on right-wing blogs about this Sunday’s article on the DeLay family’s decision to terminate life support for Tom’s father. On the National Review’s blog, the Corner, K.J. Lopez says:

The Times tries to make the case the same as the Schiavo case, which it is not.

More examples here, here and here.

This reaction is puzzling for several reasons:

1. All these commentators learned the differences between Terri Schiavo and Tom DeLay’s father by reading the LA Times article.

2. The LA Times article includes a lengthy quote from Tom DeLay’s spokesman stating that the cases are completely different.

3. There are similarities between DeLay’s father and Terri Schiavo. As the LA Times notes: “Both stricken patients were severely brain-damaged. Both were incapable of surviving without medical assistance. Both were said to have expressed a desire to be spared from being kept alive by artificial means. And neither of them had a living will.”