Souring on DeLay in Sugarland

Even back in Sugarland, Texas, Tom DeLay’s conduct in the Terri Schiavo case isn’t going over well. The Houston Chronicle reports this morning on a poll the paper conducted in DeLay’s congressional district:

[N]early 69 percent of people in the poll, including substantial majorities of Democrats and Republicans, said they opposed the government’s intervention in the longstanding [Schiavo] family battle. Respondents in the Chronicle survey also were critical of DeLay’s individual role. Nearly 58 percent disapproved of his decision to get Congress involved.

Many of DeLay’s constituents believe his involvement in the case was a political ploy:

Republican Barbara Sanderson, 64, of Pecan Grove, said the affair contributed to her opinion of DeLay sinking from “very, very, very favorable” to something considerably less rosy. “I think that it was a high-profile political ploy used by a lot of people, and I hate to see our president get involved,” she said. “It’s embarrassing.” DeLay argued that his morals guided him in the case of Schiavo, who died Thursday. But nearly half of those polled said he intervened in the case for political gain.