Bloch Corners Cornyn

Apparently Sen. John Cornyn’s disrespect for members of the legal system extends beyond seemingly justifying the recent spate of violence against judges. The Next Hurrah reports that Georgetown Law Professor Susan Bloch has accused Cornyn and his conservative ally C. Boyden Gray of “seriously misrepresenting [her] views” in their wild-eyed attempts to circumvent the filibustering of President Bush’s judicial nominees by detonating the explosive nuclear option in the Senate. Though Bloch asked both Cornyn and Gray to post her response to them on their respective websites, they have yet to do so. Probably because the text of the memo isn’t particularly, well, complimentary to the two gentlemen:

Senator John Cornyn and C. Boyden Gray have seriously misrepresented my views. In a February 28, 2005 memo to journalists on behalf of the Committee for Justice, Mr. Gray suggests that I said the Senate’s use of the filibuster against judicial nominations is unconstitutional…[and] Senator Cornyn makes the same misrepresentation of my views. In fact, I have never said such a thing. On the contrary, in the article they quote (but never cite), I said precisely the opposite, explicitly distinguishing the Senate filibuster from the House Rule that I was criticizing….The first tampers with the Constitution; the second is an internal rule of procedure. The difference is subtle, but its pedigree is long and valuable. Both sides of the aisle should respect it. Senator Cornyn and Mr. Gray are, of course, free to continue to ignore the distinction if they are so inclined. But they are not free, by means of cut-and-paste advocacy, to misrepresent my views.”