Smoke Out RJR

Since the launch of dropthehammer.org on Wednesday, RJR Reynolds has been receiving thousands of emails from people around the country demanding that they stop supporting Tom DeLay’s unethical behavior through contributions to his legal defense fund. RJR doesn’t want to listen. We’ve been told by our Internet provider that they’ve blocked all email from the dropthehammer.org server.

Don’t let them get away with it. Email RJR directly at the addresses below:


Thanks to Atrios helping us out with this effort.

Sample text for the email after the jump.

Dear RJ Reynolds:

I am writing concerning RJ Reynolds’s contribution of $5000 to Tom DeLay’s Legal Expense Trust.

The bipartisan House Ethics Committee has rebuked Tom DeLay three times. DeLay’s Texans for a Republican Majority political action committee is the subject of a grand jury investigation for money laundering and illegal campaign contributions. Three of DeLay’s closest associates have already been indicted.

Every day the accounts of Tom DeLay’s unethical behavior get worse and worse. Prominent conservative voices, such as the Wall Street Journal editorial page, are saying that Tom DeLay has gone too far.

As a consumer, it’s unacceptable to me for your company to support Tom DeLay’s unethical behavior. It is time to restore ethics in Washington. It is time to demand more of our politicians.

You can restore my confidence in your company by:

(1) providing an explanation of why your company contributed to Tom DeLay’s Legal Expense Trust;

(2) pledging that you won’t donate any more money to Tom DeLay’s Legal Expense Trust; and

(3) formally requesting that Tom DeLay’s Legal Expense Trust return the money you have already contributed

I look forward to a response from you on this important matter.

Thank you.