McCain Opposes “Nuclear Option”

Overshadowed by the nascent “Shay’s Rebellion” was Sen. McCain’s major statement yesterday opposing use of the “nuclear option.” Though some conservative senators have already declared their reluctance to go along with Sen. Frist’s plan to override the filibuster and ram through President Bush’s radical judicial nominees, McCain is no doubt the most high-profile conservative senator to declare his explicit opposition (pdf):

Sen. McCAIN: …I think that there’s a problem with a slippery slope. I think that there’s a problem with really changing the environment of the Senate and we are different from the House and if we don’t protect the rights of the minority, someday history shows that we won’t always be in the majority. …

SCHIEFFER: Well, can I just ask you the direct question? Are you opposed to doing away with the filibuster, Senator?

Sen. McCAIN: Yes.