Missing Scott McClellan

If you thought White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan was bad, check out his deputy Dana Perino, who filled in yesterday:

Q What was the President’s reaction to former Secretary Powell talking to Republican senators on the Hill about Bolton?

MS. PERINO: Scott McClellan addressed this with the pool this morning. We are not going to respond to anonymous sources.

In fact, Powell had admitted to contacting senators about Bolton, and the reporter called her on it:

Q But, Dana, it’s not “anonymous sources,” I mean, Powell’s office put out a statement saying that, indeed, he’s had conversations with at least two Republican senators about his reservations about the Bolton job.

MS. PERINO: “Anonymous sources” in terms of what those conversations were, that they had conversations is not — we don’t know what those conversations were and “anonymous sources” we’re not going to comment on, in terms of the content of them.

Not only is the revised answer incomprehensible, it’s also irrelevant. The reporter asked about the President’s reaction to Powell talking to Senators about Bolton. Perino didn’t need to discuss the content of Powell’s conversations to respond.