Armey’s Absent Ethics

With House Majority Leader Tom DeLay’s political future looking dicier by the minute, thought it would be interesting to check in with former House Majority Leader Dick Armey.

We’ve seen the future. It’s not pretty.

According to the Capital Hill newspaper Roll Call, Armey has been taping radio ads. The ads, which have been running in 15 different states, urge listeners to contact their lawmakers in Washington and tell them to quash a new bill which would create a federal trust fund for asbestos-related disease victims. What Armey forgot to mention in his ads: He is currently being paid big bucks by a British insurance group which has “lobbied to thwart asbestos trust fund legislation.”

In his spare time, he sits on the board of Rent-A-Center, a company which preys on the poor and “has been the target of several recent lawsuits accusing it of preying upon cash- and credit-strapped customers with sales practices that inflate and mask the true costs of their merchandise.” Armey has been working to help the company roll back consumer protection laws.

Turns out leaving Washington doesn’t guarantee a return to ethical behavior.