“Radioactive” DeLay

Last week, thousands of netroots activists who joined the Drop the Hammer campaign convinced three major corporations — American Airlines, Verizon and Nissan — to stop financing Tom DeLay’s legal defense fund (we’re still working on Bacardi and RJ Reynolds). Asked about the campaign, DeLay was defiant:

You really think a lobbyist group like that is going to have an effect on me and what I am trying to accomplish here?

But check out today’s Washington Post. Whether DeLay wants to admit it or not, Corporate America knows an endangered politician when it sees one:

DeLay’s prowess in fundraising, for instance, was always a pillar of his power in the House. Lining up a corporate aircraft to ferry him to an event was usually arranged with a single phone call. These days, Republican officials report that they are having trouble finding available aircraft — as businesses fret that DeLay may be radioactive.