Bolton Hearings: State Department Only Responding To Requests Approved By Republicans

This morning the NYT reported that the State Department will not provide critical documents about John Bolton requested by Sen. Joe Biden (D-CT):

The State Department is refusing to make public internal documents…about repeated clashes between John R. Bolton and American intelligence agencies over Syria, administration officials say.

During today’s press briefing, spokesman Tom Casey revealed two important things about the State Department’s position.

1. The State Department is only responding to requests that are approved by Republicans:

All we’d done is made sure that what we’ve put forward is in keeping with the agreements that the committee had, which was to pursue this in a joint way. And what we’ve been doing is giving answers to the things that the chairman [Sen. Dick Lugar (R-IN)] believes he and his colleagues on the Democratic side can all agree are relevant and important to the investigation.

2. The information being withheld may not be classified:

I don’t know whether they are all classified or not. Certainly they involved preparation of, in some cases public statements; in some cases, classified testimony.