ThinkProgress Will Be at DeLay “Tribute”

Tonight, a “near who’s who of Washington’s conservative establishment” will head to the Capital Hilton for a loyalty litmus test … er … “tribute” to House leader Tom DeLay. (Fittingly, the event is smack dab on K Street — the Avenue of the Lobbyists.) One hilarious note from the Christian Science Monitor:

Organizers say they have not solicited K Street lobbyists to buy up tables at Thursday night’s event. “We knew that if we went to them, we could sell the tables in no time, but we did not want the event to be viewed that way,” says Ms. Mitchell of the ACU.

In any case, ThinkProgress will be there live, taking pictures and trying to figure out how many members of our distinguished House Ethics Committee are there to celebrate DeLay’s magnificence. Check back later tonight for updates.