Who Got the Pink Slip?

Capt. Melinda Morton is the Air Force Academy chaplain who reported finding “stridently evangelical themes” at academy worship services, and a “systemic and pervasive” problem of religious proselytizing and intolerance throughout the school. Morton said one academy chaplain urged cadets to “try to convert” non-evangelical peers and “remind them of the consequences … (that) those not ‘born again will burn in the fires of hell.'” Morton brought these concerns to the attention of superiors in a two-page memo.

Brig. Gen. Johnny Weida is a top commander at the same Air Force Academy. He’s also a born-again Christian “who has been the subject of complaints that he improperly mixes religion with education.” An analysis of the academy released last month by Americans United for the Separation of Church and State found “a host of reports” about inappropriate, potentially unconstitutional statements by Gen. Weida.

One of these people was just offered a major promotion from the Department of Defense. The other received a pink slip. Who got what? Take a wild guess.