Religious Right Targets McCain

McCain has been outspoken in opposing the nuclear option to abolish the judicial filibuster. He believes it runs counter to the longstanding practice of the Senate to protect minority viewpoints. Here is what McCain said on ABC’s This Week this morning:

But I know that there is a strong desire to avoid a confrontation that changes fundamentally the way that the Senate does business. In other words, 51 votes, a simple majority…to change the rules of the Senate, instead of the 67 that were required. This is unprecedented…This now turns the Senate, if we continue, if we set this precedent, into basically a body where the majority rules.

In response, the religious right has accused McCain of trying to prevent people who believe in god from serving on the federal bench. Here is a clip from an article published on the National Right to Life web site:

Fr. Frank Pavone, head of Priests for Life, told NRL News, “It is unfortunate that Senator McCain has joined those senators who are trying to prevent godly men and women, nominated by their President and supported by a majority of senators, from serving on our nation’s courts. There is not going to be a church in America that is not going to know exactly who those senators are.”