David Horowitz Thinks You’re Stupid

Frontpagemag.com, the publication of right-wing activist David Horowitz, has this to say about ThinkProgress.org readers:

Podesta and Think Progress here have an advantage: half the people in America have an I.Q. of 100 or less, and this half tends to vote for Democrats. The Think Progress constituency is easy to fool precisely because it does little thinking and is easily misled by pseudo-intellectual card tricks…

Frontpagemag.org doesn’t like ThinkProgress.org itself much either:

Its unspoken motto seems to be that an ounce of wit or sarcasm is worth of pound of actual facts or intelligence, today’s liberals and leftists often being too dense or hysterically obsessed to notice the difference.

Horowitz et. al particularly dislike this post about Rick Santorum.

It’s good to know we’re getting under their skin a little bit.