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Two years ago, the FBI knew its $170 million “Virtual Case File” project was in serious trouble. By 2004, officials had discovered an estimated 400 problems with the software, which was intended to coordinate the agency’s anti-terrorism measures.

The seriously botched program was the work of an outside contractor, the Science Applications International Corp (SAIC). The company continuously fought with the FBI over system requirements and changes. And at the end of the day, SAIC pocketed a cool $100 million for creating software that just didn’t work.

So has the White House decided to kick SAIC to the curb?

Nah. The Pentagon just gave SAIC a brand-spanking new, $25.7 million contract to “help the Army integrate virtual combat training systems.”

(This isn’t the first time SAIC has taken U.S. taxpayers for a ride; read ThinkProgress’s “Enough To Make You SAIC” for more examples of botched government contracts as well as the revolving door between SAIC and the Bush White House.)