The “Obstructionist” Brownback

When Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) put a hold on the nomination of John Bolton and Senators later delayed the final vote in order to obtain more information, the entire Right was up in arms.

The President:

“You know, I thought — I thought John Bolton was going to get an up or down vote on the Senate floor, just like he deserves an up or down vote on the Senate floor, and clearly he’s got the votes to get confirmed. And so I was disappointed that once again, the leadership there in the Senate didn’t give him an up or down vote… Now, in terms of the request for documents, I view that as just another stall tactic, another way to delay, another way to not allow Bolton to get an up or down vote.”

The Senate leadership:

“Some 72 hours after hailing an agreement that sought to end partisan filibusters, the Democrats have launched yet another partisan filibuster . Given the change to advance the cause of comity in the Senate, the Democrats have chosen partisan confrontation over cooperation.”

The pundits:

“The press won’t say it, but it’s a Democrat fil•i•bus•ter: [Quoting the Associated Press] ‘The Republicans needed 60 votes to end the Democrat ‘ Look at this! ‘Democrat procedural delay.’ (Laughter) A ‘procedural delay’ that required a cloture vote is a filibuster! Sorry to scream, folks but I want to be emphatic.”

And of course the blogosophere echo chamber:

“Boxer needs to get connected to the Oil for Food scandal…”

“Somebody provided the panties to the guards at Abu Ghraib and I’ve often suspected Babs of doing it out of partisanship. She’s losing her hair too.”

“UNCOROPERATIVE!!! If I said what I’d like to about Boxer I’d melt the cable lines.”

Now one of their own, the staunchly anti-choice Sen. Sam Brownback (R-KS), “has put a hold on the White House’s nomination of a prominent abortion-rights supporter to a diplomatic post.” It would seem that the crime of Julie Finley – nominated as ambassador to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe – is her extensive fundraising work for pro-choice candidates. The radical right-wingers are adamantly opposed to giving her the opportunity “to promote her pro-abortion views through the OSCE.” How is Brownback explaining his “obstructionist” tactics? The Senator contends, “I have some concerns about Ms. Finley and I would like to have assurances about these issues before I make any final decisions on the nomination moving forward.”

Don’t hold your breath for the Right’s indignant outrage…