Powerline Needs to Read British Briefing Papers

Unsurprisingly, right-wing bloggers have largely ignored the Downing Street memo. Up to today, even those who have addressed the revelations — namely Andrew Sullivan and Powerline — are left unimpressed by the findings. In fact, Powerline goes so far as to claim that the memo “tells us nothing new about pre-war intelligence on Iraq, and is anything but a bombshell.”

One of Powerline’s key arguments, however, rests on the supposed ambiguous meaning behind a shocking sentence in the memo: “the intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy.” Powerline says that “whatever the British note-taker meant by the sentence he obviously didn’t mean that there was any doubt on the part of British intelligence or Blair’s government that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction.”

But today we released the British Briefing Papers which clearly shows the British had serious doubts about whether Iraq had WMD. In the Iraq Options Paper, the Britsh government acknowledged “our intelligence is poor” about Iraq WMD.

The right-wing’s blind faith now just looks like willful ignorance.