Is PowerLineBites.com Taken?

Powerline is having a great laugh at Brian Komar, who now works at American Progress.

Apparently the Legal Times has a story describing how Komar, when he worked at Leadership Conference for Civil Rights, purchased web domains with names that indicate support for a prospective Supreme Court nominee (e.g., supportluttig.com, for Mike Luttig) with the intention of creating a site that opposes the nominee. (How this is news, we’re really not sure.)

For this, Powerline snarkily dubbed Komar a “strategic genius,” claimed his strategy showed how “the left has lost its ability to discern causal relationships,” and then tied all that to why the left thinks “we can obtain life-saving information from terrorists without using coercion.” Huh?

Look, the Powerline gang needn’t be so upset — Komar merely picked up some tools of the trade from another “strategic genius” whose name they might recognize:

[In 2000,] Karl Rove, Bush’s current White House political director and then a key campaign strategist, proceeded to register a raft of domain names – both straightforward and potentially negative…

Among the many names registered by Rove: bushsucks.com, bushbites.com and bushblows.com. Rove then took the unconventional step of linking those derogatory addresses to Bush’s official campaign web site at www.georgewbush.com. [Roll Call, 6/17/02]