Why Enlist When You’ve Already Stapled So Much

College conservatives are rallying in Virginia today for the College Republican National Convention. Our friends at Campus Progress have had a reporter inside all day, and he seems to have figured out why convention officials don’t think pro-war conservatives should be encouraged to enlist.

Apparently, at least according to Tony Perkins, it’s because being a right-wing campus activist is sacrifice enough.

Tony Perkins from the Family Research Council took the stage, noting with courageous enthusiasm, “There are some things that are worth fighting for.” He proceeded to talk about the Iraq War, and some very heroic veterans. … Then he said, “They’re giving their lives as you’re giving your time.”

You know, you’ve got a point there, Tony. Just like our soldiers are dying in Iraq, campus conservatives are stapling flyers for an Ann Coulter speech to a kiosk. Basically the same thing.