Cheney on Downing Street: Ignorance Is Bliss

Wolf Blitzer asked Vice President Cheney yesterday if he had read the Downing Street Minutes.

BLITZER: Did you read the so-called Downing Street memo?
CHENEY: No, I did not.
[CNN, Wolf Blitzer Reports, 6/23/05]

Despite admitting that he had not read the memo, that did not prevent Cheney from saying, “The memo is just wrong.” Cheney offered a defense against the memos that we have heard from Bush previously — that the memos are false because the decision to go to the U.N. hadn’t been made yet.

CHENEY: And remember what happened after the supposed memo was written. We went to the United Nations We did everything we could to resolve this without having to use military force. [CNN, Wolf Blitzer Reports, 6/23/05]

But as we’ve noted previously, that defense is actually no defense at all because the Bush administration was staunchly opposed to going to the U.N. in the first place and made sure that even when they did go to the UN, it did not deter them from their timeline for attacking Iraq.