Rumsfeld Can’t Remember If He Predicted Insurgency

Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld has a near photographic memory of all the bad things he told President Bush might happen, but didn’t:

I presented the president a list of about 15 things that could go terribly, terribly wrong before the war started: the fact that the oil fields could have been set aflame like they were in Kuwait, the fact that we could have had mass refugees and dislocations and it didn’t happen, the bridges could have blown up, there could have been a Fortress Baghdad with a moat around it with oil in it and people fighting to the death So a great many of the bad things that could have happened did not happen

Rumsfeld can’t recall, however, if he told President Bush that there might be an insurgency:

RUSSERT: Was a robust insurgency on your list that you gave the president?

RUMSFELD: I don’t remember if that was on there

That’s convenient.