MD Governor: Racial Discrimination “Not My Business”

On June 20, Maryland Gov. Robert Ehrlich raised $100,000 at a fundraiser at the all-white Elkridge country club. And he doesn’t see anything wrong with it. Here’s what Ehrlich had to say in a radio interview yesterday:

I don’t know what their membership is, and guess what? It’s not my business…It’s a private club, which we rented.

Just to be safe, Ehrlich added the decision to hold the fundraiser “was made by his campaign staff, not by him.” Lt. Gov. Michael Steele, who is an African-American, didn’t care about the club’s discriminatory policies either:

I don’t know that much about the club, the membership, nor do I care, quite frankly, because I don’t play golf. It’s not an issue with me.

Under Maryland law private clubs are allowed “to exclude women, Jews, blacks and other minority groups if its members so desire.” That doesn’t mean the state’s leaders should patronize groups that institutionalize bigotry. Racial discrimination, no matter where it occurs, is everyone’s business.

UPDATE: Email Steele and Ehrlich.