Happy Birthday President Bush

Today is President Bush’s 59th birthday. You’re probably wondering what the President would like to receive on this grand occassion. So, based on what Bush has said in the past, here are his birthday “wishes”:

A Magic Wand

Bush: “I wish I could simply wave a magic wand and lower gas prices tomorrow.” [4/20/05]

More Free Time to Workout

Bush: “I wish I had time for a workout.” [11/13/03]

Questions Written Out In Advance

Bush: “I wish you’d have given me this written question ahead of time so I could plan for it.” [4/13/04]

More Time to Fish

Bush: “Gosh, I wish we were fishing.” [7/30/04]

More Love For One Another

Bush: “I like to remind people, you know, that — I wish government could make people love one another. I would sign the piece of legislation.” [10/8/03]

A War With A Timetable

Bush: “I wish I could tell you that — what the timetable is going to be.” [4/29/02]

A War Without Troops

Bush: “You know, I wish I never had to commit troops.” [10/11/04]

A War Without a President

Bush: “I wish I wasn’t the war President. Who in the heck wants to be a war President? I don’t.” [8/6/04]