FRC’s Hypocritical Attack on Schumer

The right-wing Family Research Council is outraged — they just put out a release denouncing Sen. Chuck Schumer’s so-called “Declaration of War.” They’re referring to this report by Matt Drudge that Schumer was overheard on a subway yesterday saying “We are contemplating how we are going to go to war over this [Supreme Court nomination].” FRC head Tony Perkins called Shumer’s comment “against the process of judicial honor and shameful.”

Which is, to put it mildly, deeply ironic. After all, on the very day that Justice O’Connor announced her retirement, FRC put out a release claiming Americans (and, in particular, their grassroots activists) were “primed for the fight” over the next nominee. (The same release attacked Justice O’Connor as a “judicial activist.”)

The public is primed for the fight it will take to confirm a nominee. FRC can motivate significant grassroots support for the President’s nominees. We will wage an unprecedented effort for a fair and prompt up or down vote through the mobilization of 20,000 churches across the nation, weekly conference calls in targeted states, the strengthening of the FRC team and activation of grassroots through www.frc.org.

Feel free to call FRC’s press contact, Amber Hildebrand, and ask her to clarify FRC’s position: (202) 393-2100