Key Question For Today’s White House Press Briefing

When President Bush named Karl Rove deputy White House chief of staff earlier this year, a position that put him in charge of “coordinating” national security and homeland security, was he aware that Rove had leaked classified information?

Rove and Bush

In announcing Rove’s new position on February 8, 2005, McClellan said:

In this — in his role, Karl will continue to oversee the strategy to advance the President’s agenda. He will also coordinate policy within the various White House councils, as previous deputy chiefs have done.

I mean, the various councils will continue to develop the policy — the Domestic Policy Council, the National Economic Council, the National Security Council, and the Homeland Security Council. Those are the four White House Councils, really. And Karl will continue to oversee the intergovernment affairs, political affairs, and strategic initiatives.

Obviously, when it comes to Karl, he is one of the President’s most trusted advisors who has played an integral role in the strategy and policy development for a long time. So now he has a more expanded role.