Breaking: Bush Ducks Question on Rove

President Bush just held a media availability in the Oval Office with Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong of Singapore. Bush took only one question from the U.S. press — a question about his meetings with Senators this morning to discuss the pending Supreme Court nomination (the same reporter was allowed a follow-up on the Supreme Court question).

The fact that Bush only took one question upends his customary practice of taking two questions per side (2 for the U.S. press and 2 for the press of the visiting dignitary) — examples here, here, and here.

Why was a second question not allowed today?

UPDATE: Bush specifically said “We’ll answer a question apiece.” Why was there only one allowed when the customary practice is for two? Was the White House aware beforehand that the question it was going to be asked had nothing to do with Karl Rove or the leak investigation?

UPDATE (2): A White House reporter who was present during the question and answer session reports that at the end of the session, Bush ignored a reporter’s shouted question about whether he intends to dismiss Karl Rove.