FLASHBACK: In 2000, Rove Called For Gore To Come Clean Over Ethical Issues

During the 2000 presidential campaign, Karl Rove, then-Bush campaign strategist, appeared on Fox News to try to undermine Vice President Al Gore’s credibility and truthfulness by questioning his involvement in a 1996 campaign fundraiser at a Buddhist temple. Here’s what Rove said:

The vice president has some trouble telling the truth. And he now says he made mistakes. Those weren’t mistakes. These involved violations of the law. People are going to jail over this… This is more than just a little teensy-weensy mistake… These are very substantive questions about the ethical conduct about the vice president and his ability to tell the truth. [Fox News Sunday, 3/12/00]

Does this remind you of a present-day scandal? So what was Rove calling for at the time? Full disclosure.

We now know there are photographs that exist of the meeting. Let’s release all the photographs. The vice president has the authority to do this. Let’s release all the photographs of the meeting and see how attentive the vice president was. [Fox News Sunday, 3/12/00]

Applying Rove’s standards to Plamegate, he should release his emails regarding the leak scandal from July 2003 to clear his name. Or, as the New York Times suggests in an editorial this morning, “Mr. Rove could clear all this up quickly. All he has to do is call a press conference and tell everyone what conversations he had and with whom.”