White House Greatest Hits

You knew they could spin, dodge and disseminate, but did you know they could sing?

Last week, a Fox News headline fretted, “Can Bush Survive Without Rove?” We wonder the same thing, in the White House disco classic, I Will Survive, starring the vocal stylings of Scott McClellan, Karl Rove and, yes, President George Bush.

If you think disco’s dead, try a little rock and roll instead. The right-wing spin machine has been working overtime these days to shield Uber-aide Karl Rove from the fallout after his national security breach. Listen here to Karl Rove, Ken Mehlman, Johnnie Cochran and friends in their rendition of “Ain’t Nothin’ But A Hound Dog.”

Note Of Shameless Self-Promotion: All songs are a direct product of the creative genius of Peter Ogburn, producer of America’s new progressive radio show, the Bill Press Show (With Christy Harvey). For these hits and more, like Stand By Your Joe Wilson and I Smell A Rat, Karl, listen to us live every morning on Sirius satellite radio from 6-9 AM.