How Congress Spends Your Money

This week, Congress is expected to pass an $80 billion energy bill. The bill is filled with billions in pork for the energy industry.

The Washington Post provides insight into how carefully the conservative-run Congress spends your money:

As House-Senate conferees worked late into the night this week on the final paragraphs of the legislation, a proposal was made, and approved, to provide $250,000 for a study of “irradiated fuel” — although many of the conference participants acknowledged they had no idea what that was.

In case anyone in Congress cares, according to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, “irradiated fuel” is a type of high-level, radioactive waste “discharged from commercial nuclear power reactors.”

UPDATE: I’m told that, in this case, “irradiated fuel” refers not to waste from nuclear power plants (which is the standard meaning) but the use of irradiation in refining.