Columnist: Clinton is Responsible for Palmeiro’s Steriod Problem

Why did Rafael Palmerio take steroids? It’s Bill Clinton’s fault!

Emmett Tyrrell, editor of the right-wing American Spectator, explains:

President Bill Clinton executed his presidential tasks exuberantly day in and day out while retaining subpoenaed documents from prosecutors, coaching witnesses to deceive and lying brazenly to his staff and the public. He compartmentalized, and to this day, there are public figures who admire his sang-froid…

Palmeiro is one of Clinton’s finest students. Under oath before a Congressional Committee on March 17, he declared: “I have never used steroids. Period. I do not know how to say it more clearly than that. Never.” He too glared and pointed his finger emphatically. Now that he is suspended after that failed test, he argues with Clintonian indefatigability: “I have never intentionally used steroids. Never. Ever. Period.”

It’s odd that Tyrrell tries to connect Palmeiro to Clinton. After all, Palmeiro and his wife gave George W. Bush $8,000 for his 2004 campaign. And it’s Bush, who, even after Palmerio tested positive, still believes Palmerio never took steriods.