The Guy Who Makes DeLay Look Good

When asked why he selected ethically challenged House Majority Leader Tom DeLay to speak at Justice Sunday Part 2, event organizer James Dobson responded that DeLay was “a natural fit.” Another invited speaker is Charles Colson — better known for his history as one of President Nixon’s “hatchet men” who went to jail for his involvement in the Watergate scandal. Is Colson a good judge of character? You be the judge:

Colson on Karl Rove: “I happen to know Karl Rove quite well and I find him to be a very decent man; no touch of arrogance. So, I think he’s being badly abused in this process and those of us who were inside the bunkers of the White House during the Nixon years, know exactly what it’s like to go through that kind of fire.” [CNN, 7/14/05]

Colson on Sen. Edward Kennedy: “[In] the hours after the May 15, 1972, assassination attempt against Alabama Gov. George Wallace, then a Democratic presidential candidate, Nixon counsel Charles Colson is heard on tape urging Felt to aggressively pursue theories that the gunman may have been tied to Nixon nemesis Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.) or the anti-war movement.” [Chicago Tribune, 6/2/05]

Colson on “Deep Throat” Mark Felt: “I don’t think it was a noble act at all I’ve worked for the last 30 years preaching the gospel of Christ in prisons all across America. Today there are 2.1 million people in prison, and the one single characteristic I’ve discovered is, every one of them has not had moral training. They’re like feral children. They come up off the streets. And if they get the message that somebody can break the law in a noble purpose, and can justify it, that’s a terrible thing. [CNN, 6/5/05]