Lowlights from Justice Sunday: Part Deux

Wary that John Roberts might not be sufficiently fanatical, religious far right leaders have been backing away from President Bush’s Supreme Court nominee. In an e-mail message to supporters, event organizer Tony Perkins wrote “Trust but verify.” Perkins also made it clear that Justice Sunday Part Deux “will be no pep rally for [Roberts’] confirmation.” Instead, Perkins stated the goal of the event was “to educate evangelical Christians about the U.S. Supreme Court and get them talking to friends and elected officials about what they want from their justices.” But rather than educating, the overheated rhetoric embarrassed anyone who respects the independent judiciary and the system of checks and balances. Here are some highlights:

Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League: Donohue “suggested a constitutional amendment to say that ‘unless a judicial vote is unanimous, you cannot overturn a law created by Congress.’ The court is trying to ‘take the hearts and souls of our culture.'” He also laid out his plans for domination: “Catholics and other Christians together, we are going to move to the front of the bus and take command of the wheel.”

House Majority Leader Tom DeLay: After denouncing America’s judicial system as “judicial supremacy, judicial autocracy,” DeLay blasted recent Supreme Court rulings: “Rights are invented out of whole cloth. Longstanding traditions are found to be unconstitutional. Moral values that have defined the progress of human civilization for millennia are cast aside in favor of those espoused by a handful of unelected, lifetime-appointed judges.” He continued on to state that “All wisdom does not reside in nine persons in black robes. The Constitution is clear on the point that the power to make laws is vested on Congress.” He continued, “This fact, understood by every high school civics student, has been forgotten in recent decades by too many members of the American judiciary, including, most notably, the United States Supreme Court itself,’ he said.”

James Dobson, founder of Focus on the Family: “America’s most powerful judges are ‘unelected, unaccountable and arrogant.'” He continued on to say, “These activist, unelected judges believe they know better than the American people about the direction the country should go. The framers of our great nation did not intend for the courts to have absolute and final power over us.”

Phyllis Schlafly of the Eagle Forum: “How do the judges get away with such outrageous decisions? By asserting that Supreme Court decisions are the supreme law of the land. But you know that is not true. That is a terrible heresy.”