Ann Althouse Responds: I Dont Fact Check

Ann Althouse says she isn’t responsible for the content of the editorial she pushed to thousands of Instapundit.com readers because she didn’t fact check it:

Frankly, I haven’t traced down the exact role of Jamie Gorelick as one of the government lawyers who played a role in restraining the sharing of information between intelligence and law enforcement. I didn’t fact-check the assertions in the editorial I cited.

Think Progress writes:

Shaffer’s story [re Able Danger], if it’s true, involved communications between the Department of Defense and the FBI. Gorelick’s 1995 memo was only about communications between the FBI and the criminal division of the Justice Department.

I didn’t fact-check that either.

Everyone can judge for themselves whether it’s right to reprint attacks on someone without any clue as to whether they’re true. But maybe now that we’ve pointed out that her information was wrong, she should let her readers know.

But remember, we are the real problem. By demanding the false smear on Gorelick be corrected we haven’t demostrated “a commitment to civil discourse.”