What He’s Doing In Donnelly

For a week, reporters have been asking what the President is going to be doing today in Donnelly, Idaho. The White House press operation has stonewalled —

August 16:

Q What’s in Donnelly? What’s he doing in Donnelly?

MS. PERINO: I’ll see if I can get some more on that. I don’t know.

August 18:

Q Dana, can you yet not say what the President is doing on Tuesday in Donnelly?

MS. PERINO: I just don’t have an update. There’s just no public events.

Now we know why:

Tamarack Resort received official confirmation today that President George W. Bush will be at the Idaho mountain resort Aug. 22-24… Tamarack Resort, the first all-season resort to be permitted in the U.S. in 22 years, has received national attention for having not one, but three spectacular crown jewels: a world-class ski mountain, a Robert Trent Jones II signature golf course and beautiful Lake Cascade, suitable for swimming, sailing, fishing, sea kayaking, and boating.

Who doesn’t need a little vacation…from their month-long vacation?