Jonah Goldberg: Sheehan’s Message ‘Resonates’ With Nazis

Jonah Goldberg just posted this on the National Review’s blog, the Corner:

GOOD FOR CINDY! She’s rallied the Nazis to her cause (obviously unintentionally, but it’s interesting how her message resonates in such quarters nonetheless).

Sheehan is a mother who lost her son in Iraq who has a principled, anti-war message. It’s not “interesting” that this message is being manipulated by neo-Nazis to advance their cause of white supremacy. It’s despicable.

Goldberg’s use of the phrase “obviously unintentionally” doesn’t absolve him of anything. He asserts without qualification that “her message” — and not a perversion thereof – appeals to Nazis.

This is the guy NPR chose to fill in for Daniel Shorr.