Jonah Goldberg Is Bad At Apologizing

Jonah Goldberg has written an “apology” for being “too glib” earlier post about Cindy Sheehan and Nazis. Here’s an excerpt:

I don’t think agreeing with Sheehan on the need to pull out of Iraq makes you akin to Nazis or racists in any meaningful or significant way.

That’s reassuring. Goldberg goes on to make further comparisons between Sheehan and white supremacists:

But, I think Sheehan’s PR operation — including her water-carriers in the liberal press — should no [sic] be surprised that they’re attracting a broad Popular Front which includes a lot of disreputable and unpleasent elements. If you leave yourself no room, rhetorically speaking, between yourself and the crazies don’t be surprised if the crazies respond to your rhetoric.

So Goldberg’s argument is that Sheehan isn’t like the Nazis, she just uses the exact same rhetoric. Nice. In a subsequent post, Goldberg reprints a letter from a fan who says Goldberg is being too “defensive about your original reference to Cindy.” Goldberg includes a link to an article on David Horowitz’s website which notes “Cindy Sheehan’s newfound, seemingly mutual love for anti-Semitic, racist, and neo-Nazi extremists.”

Goldberg’s strategy is to feign an apology to insulate himself from criticism. At the same time, he continues to advance his smear against Sheehan.