O’Reilly: People Who Stayed “Paid a Price”

More compassion from Bill O’Reilly for the hurricane victims…

Here is the on-screen talking points memo from tonight’s show on Fox:

Moral of the story: People were warned to get out. Those who stayed paid a price for that decision. If you rely on the government, you’re likely to be disappointed. No government can protect you or provide for you. You have to do it yourself. If a Category 5 story is headed your way, get out fast.

O’Reilly seems to have little understanding of the conditions which affected many of those individuals who did not evacuate. From the NYT:

The victims, they note, were largely black and poor, those who toiled in the background of the tourist havens, living in tumbledown neighborhoods that were long known to be vulnerable to disaster if the levees failed. Without so much as a car or bus fare to escape ahead of time, they found themselves left behind by a failure to plan for their rescue should the dreaded day ever arrive.