How to Avoid Being Shot by Right-Wing Pundits

DON’T: Loot a $37 DVD player from a flooded Wal-Mart

Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan: “I hope the looters are shot.

Instapundit.com’s Glenn Reynolds: “People [looting nonessentials] should be shot.”

Atlanta talk show host Neil Boortz: “Now I’m serious here … not just saying this for effect. Shoot to kill.

TownHall.com column: “Shoot Looters.”

DO: Loot millions of dollars from ordinary Americans by hiking gas prices across the country up to several dollars per gallon, all under the political cover of a horrible natural disaster

National Review: Gouge On: A Defense of Gas Profiteering

AEI scholar John Lott: A Look at the Positive Side of Price-Gouging and Greed