Brown Misrepresented His Professional Experience Under Oath

On Thursday, Time Magazine reported that Mike Brown had misrepresented his professional qualifications. Time noted that Brown’s official biography says that he was the “Assistant City Manager” in Edmond, Oklahoma. In fact, he was assistant to the city manager which is “more like an intern.

Yesterday, Brown defended himself in an Associated Press interview:

[Brown] angrily denied padding his r©sum©, blaming mistakes on the White House and on FEMA for misrepresenting his background.

In fact, it was Brown who misrepresented his background. Here is a question that Sen. Jim Bunning (R-OK) asked Brown during his confirmation hearing on 6/19/02:

Senator BUNNING. You were in city government like I was before I became a State Senator and a Member of the House and a Member of the U.S. Senate. You were an Assistant City Manager in Edmond, Oklahoma, one of my old hangouts when I managed the Oklahoma City 89-ers, in the mid-1970s, actually. So was I, 1976. How has the responsibility and focus of local officials changed since September 11, the relationship to FEMA?

Brown, while under oath, answered the question without correcting Sen. Bunning. It’s impossible that Brown didn’t notice the error, because the entire question was premised on the idea that he had significant responsibility while working in Edmond.

President Bush continues entrust the nation’s emergency response capacity with Michael Brown.