Livingston: The Deficit is All Clinton’s Fault

Forget the trillions in tax cuts, $200 billion for the war in Iraq and pork-laden spending bills. America’s budget problems are all President Clinton’s fault. Former Rep. Bob Livingston explains:


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Livingston makes a couple of points, both of which are completely ridiculous:

[U]nfortunately, you know, we had a tremendous amount of burden that was handed to us by the Clinton administration with the growth of the government scandals…

I’m not familiar with the “growth of government scandals.” I do know that under Clinton the federal workforce was cut by 377,000 to it’s lowest level since 1960. During the Clinton years, government grew slower than any time since the Eisenhower Administration. The size of government actually shrank relative to the size of the economy.

On to point #2:

[T]hen we got hit by 9/11, terrorist action which was due to the growth of the very radical Muslim element and led by Osama Bin Laden which we could have taken out in the last decade.

Interesting point Congressman. So when Clinton attacked al-Qaeda terrorist sites in Afghanistan in an effort to kill Bin Laden you must have been all for it, right? Here’s Livingston on those efforts in the Associated Press on 9/20/98:

To invert a phrase, life often imitates art and ‘”Wag the Dog” was a popular movie six months ago.

The “blame Clinton” defense appears to be in its last throes.