FEMA Presents: Mismanagement on Ice!

Media outlets around the country are reporting that trucks loaded with millions of pounds of ice meant for the Gulf region are popping up nationwide. FEMA redirected the trucks away from the South after realizing they had ordered too much ice, but the agency is paying truckers up to $900 a day to sit idly in their trucks far away from the affected areas.

“The $9,000 they’re paying me to move this load should have gone to some family down there,” one disgruntled trucker said. “There is definitely millions being wasted that could go to people who need it.”

Here’s where the FEMA “Icecapades” tour has been so far:

Boise, Idaho

Portland, Maine

Glouster, Massachusetts

Joplin, Arkansas

Memphis, Tennessee

Fremont, Nebraska

Upper Macungie Township, Pennsylvania

Cumberland, Maryland

Look for it in a town near you!