DeLay Helps Earle Establish Motive

Either Tom DeLay isn’t taking Dick DeGuerin’s advice, or he needs to start scouring the yellow pages for a new lawyer.

Here’s what DeLay said last night in an interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity:

Ronnie Earle has established no intent, no motive to commit a crime.

But only minutes earlier, DeLay did a pretty good job establishing motive:

So we had an opportunity in 2002. I wanted to redistrict the congressional seats, so I wanted to make sure and help gain a majority in the Texas House. So I came up with this idea to form a political action committee to raise money to get into state representative races so that we could win seats.

We were successful. And after that, we were successful in a congressional redistricting to the tune of gaining five Republican seats and more fairly represent the values of the people of Texas.

I’m sure Earle appreciates the help.