VIDEO: Tom DeLay Exercises His Right To Incriminate Himself

Criminally indicted former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay yesterday laid out a strong case…against himself.

Each of the points below were spoken verbatim by DeLay during an interview last night on Fox News (we’ve compiled them all into a single video). If this is his “defense,” he’s in serious trouble.

Watch the DeLay compilation: Quicktime Streaming

— I have had ethics charges filed starting in 1993
— Again in 1995
— A racketeering suit right after that
— Some more ethics charges right after that
— This has been going on for two years, multiple grand juries, and then they come out with an indictment
— [The grand jury] asked me to come in. … Basically what I showed them was, yes, it was my idea to set up this political action committee
— It was my idea to set up TRMPAC
— I got it all organized
— I and four other elected officials were on an advisory board [of TRMPAC]
— I went to five fundraisers
— They did use my name to raise money
— They told me about it later, and then they would tell me things are going well
— Jim Ellis … also runs my ARMPAC
— Jim Ellis would let me know how things were going because was interested in how things are going and how much money they were raising
— The point here is is Texas deserved a Republican House of Representatives. The way you got change that was to take the majority in the Texas House, and that was my goal. It was successful
— Ronnie Earle let my lawyers know last week that I was going to be indicted
— I have hired Dick DeGuerin, who is my lawyer, who is the same lawyer that taught Ronnie Earle a lesson