DeLay Blames Indictment On Newspaper Editorial

Always one for finger-pointing, DeLay’s newest target in his fight against his criminal indictment? The Austin-American Statesman newspaper.

On September 28, responding to the criminal indictment, DeLay blamed a September 11 editorial by The Statesman:

(As) recently as two weeks ago, Mr. Earle himself publicly admitted I had never been a focus or target of his inquiry. Soon thereafter, Mr. Earle’s hometown newspaper ran a biting editorial about his investigation, rhetorically asking what the point had been, after all, if I wasn’t to be indicted….It was this renewed political pressure in the waning days of his hollow investigation that led this morning’s action.

A September 29 editorial in The Statesman responds:

A Sept. 11 American-Statesman editorial questioned why only the political action committees and not the individuals behind them had been indicted. DeLay was not mentioned by name, nor was there an allusion to him. It is either DeLay’s hubris or his conscience that leads him to think that the editorial targeted him.

The much-discussed September 11 editorial can be found here. As the paper’s editorial staff states, the editorial mentions several men by name, including indicted John Colyandro, but never mentions Tom DeLay.

Let’s recap: DeLay has now blamed The Austin-American Statesman, “unabashed partisan zealot” District Attorney Earle (the truth is here), a “runaway” grand jury, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, the DCCC, Rep. Rahm Emanuel, Democrats generally, and the rest of the news media.

Poor Tom DeLay.