DeLay’s Smear Campaign Against Earle Unravels

Tom DeLay has used Travis County District Attorney Ronnie Earle’s indictment of former Texas attorney general Jim Mattox as proof that that Earle is a “liberal political fanatic.” Here’s DeLay on Fox News this Wednesday:

The political situation in Texas back in those days was conservative Democrats against liberal Democrats. He indicted the lieutenant governor, a conservative Democrat. He indicted Jim Mattox, the attorney general…This is just the sleaziest of politics. He is a fanatic, a liberal political fanatic.

Jim Mattox, however, has a much different view. Appearing on Fox and Friends this morning, he was asked if he thought Earle was politically motivated:


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I don’t think he’s overly political. I think he’s been, frankly, very tenacious about this and more tenacious than what most of us would have thought possible because Delay and his friends have spent probably $2 or $3 million on legal fees in an effort to try to hide the facts of this particular matter. I think that the facts in this particular case were so egregious that any district attorney should have taken a look at the matter.